Owners and Family

Billy Lavelle

Billy was born in Queens, New York in a culturally diverse community which has inspired his passion for food. So much so that his local church let him create and operate a fully commercialized kitchen which he serves meals out of for groups of 25 and up to 300 guests at a time. With this passion, Billy plans to create, in the Carson City area, a year round food service truck/restaurant, with his double decker bus, The Bus Boy. Come visit Billy and his crew, where they will provide quality food in an exciting and unique atmosphere!

History and the Future of the Bus

It all started when...

After three months of searching we found a source in San Diego for a double decker bus that was retired from it's route in Bristle England. It took us three years to convert it into the food truck that we have today. If things go as well as planned, we are hopeful to do a second bus next year for South Reno and a third bus for North Reno the year after that with plans for a franchise in the future.

Busboy Mobile Bus